The Industrial world has been the backbone of human development for centuries. However, over the years, it has also brought up important but unanswered questions about its impact on future generations and sustainability of our earth.


ExactSpace is an Industrial AI company that focuses on helping Industries answer these difficult questions and creating a greener tomorrow.

Our Mission

We strive to create an industrial world that always performs at its peak with assets that never fail! We believe we can help the Industries achieve this by enabling them to leverage their data for better-informed and timely decisions.

Our Approach

Access to data is only job half done – we complete the cycle with contextual and meaningful insights from data. We combine advanced analytic methods like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with deep domain expertise to build highly vertical specific solutions to create maximum impact for our customers.

Founding Team

Rahul Raghunathan

Co-founder – Strategy and Sales

Arun Jose

Co-Founder – Data and Technology

Boben Anto

Co-Founder – Energy and Customers