Data in the age of Industry 4.0

The manufacturing world has been a prime mover of the economy but it always operates in the most complex environments – physical, operational and financial. This brings immense variability to their operations and resulting challenges in staying optimal. However, these organizations are extremely rich in one asset, Data, which can be leveraged to significantly improve operations.

ExactSpace uses data technologies to extract value from all this data to help manufacturers remain optimal at all times. Our vertical-specific solutions and advanced analytics enable both management and operations teams make data-driven decisions.


Remote Plant Monitoring

Most businesses do not have easy and free access to their asset/equipment data and plant KPIs in real-time. They are typically stored in historians and accessed through multiple excel sheets which limits the capability to use real-time data for decision making.

ExactSpace provides a digital twin of various industrial assets of a plant by capturing real-time data and providing access to it to all key stakeholders from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, track plant KPIs from across geographies, use custom visualizations and receive intelligent and actionable alerts, leading to improved plant performance.

Plant Outcomes

–    Improved Plant Visibility           –      Higher Workforce Productivity

Asset Performance Management

Industrial Assets, especially in Process Industries, are extremely stressed due to their operating conditions and any downtime associated with them are very expensive due to maintenance costs as well as loss of production.

ExactSpace guarantees ZERO unplanned downtimes!

Our advanced pattern recognition algorithms will predict and provide early detection of failures along with possible causal factors. This either helps plant personnel take remedial action without having to bring the equipment down OR plan maintenance schedules to achieve minimal business disruption

Plant Outcomes

–   Reduce Maintenance Costs    –    Increase MTBF and reduce MTTR    –   Increased Reliability of Equipment



APM solution available for multiple asset classes as below and includes industry-specific fault-tree implementation for fault diagnosis.


Custom Analytics for Process Optimization

While highly sophisticated automation systems ensure high performance and efficiency of processes, extreme variability in operating conditions (fuel quality, asset performance, ambient conditions, demand, etc) invariably leads to sub-optimal operation.

ExactSpace’s real-time system enables your plant to operate at optimal points at all times, even in a highly flexible production environment, thereby helping you achieve maximum possible efficiency.

Each business is unique – we build custom analytics modules to help you achieve your desired business outcome.

Plant Outcomes

–   Reduce Fuel Costs    –   Reduce Auxillary Power Consumption   –   Reduce Product Rejections


We have built a ready-to-use optimization module for your Steam and Power generating processes.

  • Monitor 1000s of process parameters from Automation systems
  • Live monitoring of Process Efficiency and and plant KPIs like Heat Rate
  • Identification of system losses in Steam and Power Generation cycles
  • Predict optimal set-points of process parameters to reduce controllable losses

Available for use across following industries