Helping Thermal Power Plants stay competitive

ExactSpace provides a low-cost technology to help Power plants and other Process Industries overcome the challenging environment they are forced to operate in.

Pre-built Analytics Modules for Thermal Plants and Process Industries

(I) Asset Performance Management

Uses Artificial Intelligence and pattern recognition to detect early trends in equipment degradation and helps operators with possible causal factors to avoid downtime.

Tags Monitored

  • Boiler tube temperatures and pressures
  • Vibration and temperatures of FD/ID fans
  • Vibrations in Turbine, Stator, Alternator and Gearbox
  • Temperatures of bearings and oil at various equipment
  • Mechanical parameters of equipment in Feed water cycle

Analysis Provided

  • Advanced pattern recognition of parameters
  • Prediction of impending/future failure of plant parts
  • Fault Trees and root causes for equipment degradation
  • Proven EPRI methodology as basis of pattern forecasting


(II) Boiler and Heat Rate Optimization

Continuously monitor plant performance metrics like Heat Rate and Efficiency. Identify system losses and recommend set points for improvement

Tags Monitored

  • Temperature, Pressure and Flow of Main Steam and Feed Water at all boilers and Turbine Generators
  • Flue gas composition and exit temperatures
  • Throttle, Superheater and Reheat temperature and pressures
  • Fuel feeder speeds, coal quality

Analysis Provided

  • Boiler Efficiencies and Heat Rate (Coal-based, Station, Turbine)
  • Alerts operators when Efficiency or Heat Rate is not optimal
  • Diagnostic study and calculation of various system losses
  • Recommend set points to reduce controllable losses