AI for Greener and Profitable Thermal Power

Optimize generation process, reduce operations and maintenance costs and empower your workforce for the next phase of Digital Power Economy.

The Power Equation is Changing.

The thermal power industry is at the heart of any industrial growth story. But today, it operates in a complex environment with high variability in operating conditions like grid changes, competitive market (alternative sources), fuel input, regulatory requirements and a changing workforce. This leads to a challenging operating environment and erosion of profitability of plant.

ExactSpace’s AI solution helps power plants leverage one of their most precious (but rarely used) resources – their data – to help overcome these challenges and operate their assets at peak efficiency and reliability at all times.

Solutions for Thermal Power Plants

Our Solutions are built by Power Plant experts with deep working knowledge of 100+ Thermal Power plants across the world.

Fleet Monitoring

Seamlessly onboard as many Power Plant Units on a single platform to have a real-time view of its performance and enable experts to troubleshoot with data with ease.

Lower O&M Costs

Performance Optimization

Always operate at best possible regions with our live notifications and improve Plant Heat Rate, Boiler Efficiency and Auxiliary Power Consumption.

Improved Efficiency and Plant Heat Rate

Predictive Maintenance

Aim for ZERO Unplanned Downtime. Use our deep asset knowledge and predictive models to ensure your Assets always communicate with you before any failures occur.

Minimum reduction in Unplanned Downtime